Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Looking for His Frack, Perhaps

it might have been brilliant, not this guy, for no apparent reason, perhaps a partner in crime, wrote this:

Rule #1: People are dumb
Rule #2: People are capable of extraordinary things
Rule #3: The cookie rule-Any situation that doesn't already involve chocolate chip cookies can be improved by the addition of chocolate chip cookies

Use the first two rules to guide yourself through the journey of life.
Use the last one to make it taste better

Sounds cynical? Acutally its not, observe, rule #2. The truth is that I have a lot of faith in society. The problem is that there are just way to many stupid people in this world.
This blog is mainly about documenting the fun things I do, and creative ideas I have, and the occassional gripes about stupid people.

and he may have even had a reason, but then, who knows, I mean, who knows anything, anyway. Everyone is a copy, even if they are not cats.

all hail satin...